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Kaspersky Total Security 2020 - 1/3/5 Devices - 1 Year

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Kaspersky Total Security
Stays true to its name to bring you cutting-edge protection against online threats and more. Defend yourself against malicious attacks trying to breach your privacy, steal your passwords or spy on your family. Kaspersky Total Security aims to detect malware and attackers before they even have the chance to cause damage to your devices. Additional tools and features unique to this edition make your life easier with a password manager, file shredder, system cleanup, and much more. 
Ease of Access
Kaspersky Total Security is simple, easy-to-use and effective. The setup is streamlined and quick, allowing users from all groups to gain access to effective virus protection. The interface is modern and clean, providing quick navigation and comprehensive screens. When you sign up for a free My Kaspersky account, you can take security management to the next level. Control your settings from anywhere through the online interface, check device statuses, licenses, and easily reach technical support 24 hours a day.
Web Protection
Practices such as phishing are used by many scammers and hackers online. They set up a fake website or send you a fake e-mail to deceive you into sending your information to their hands. It’s not as easy to spot there attempts as you’d think — with modern-day technology, it’s possible to create an exact replica of a website and fool you into clicking on things that appear safe. Kaspersky Total Security is able to spot fake or hacked websites, making it impossible for cybercriminals to steal your login credentials, money, or identity.
Secure Online Banking and Shopping
Kaspersky Total Security comes with a unique way to protect your banking information and keep you safe whenever you're handling money online. Safe Money automatically applies an extra layer of security whenever you're online shopping, banking, or using a payment website. This encrypted browser protects online transactions to ensure your money never ends up in the wrong hands.
Password Management
Don’t remember some of your passwords? No worries, that just means you’re doing it right. Complex and unique passwords are one of the best ways to proactively secure your online accounts from hackers and account hackers. However, it is quite the chore to keep track of your passwords, and fully secure password managers either cost additional money or don’t secure your passwords the right way. Kaspersky Total Security comes with a password manager at no additional cost, allowing you to keep all of your login information safe. Syncing across devices is possible as well if you have a multiple-device license.
Advanced Parental Controls
Many modern households share a computer with multiple people. With Kaspersky Total Security, you’re able to keep your children safe on the internet with award-winning parental control features. Gain insight into your children's online activity, monitor their app download history and keep them safe from inappropriate web content and games. You can also manage their social media messages, prevent them from sharing personal information, and ensure they aren’t talking to suspicious profiles on the internet.
Privacy Protection
Say goodbye to putting duct-tape over your webcam to keep prying eyes out. Kaspersky Total Security gives you the ability to block unwanted access to your webcam, protecting your privacy without having to sacrifice a device you bought to use. This same protection applies to microphones as well, so nobody will be able to spy on you or listen to your conversations on- and offline. Additionally, Kaspersky Total Security encrypts your data against malware tracking, and on supported devices it allows you to set up passcodes for specific applications, so only you can open them.

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Kaspersky Total Security 2020 - 1/3/5 Devices - 1 Year


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